“Sim-Changer”, LoO Seeks to Change the Game

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This might be crazy, but the League of Outlaws plans to bring a different league to the community with a much different approach compared to the vast majority of iRacing leagues out there. Sure, we could bring the same traditional league to iRacers around the world. But we have our own image for what we plan to do and it looks nothing like all the other leagues.

“There are a million iRacing leagues out there. We don’t want to be the million and one-th league with your usual Pro Late Model class, your usual UMP Modified class. We want to be the only league that does what we do.”, says AJ Hunsinger.

We want to take the UMP Modified’s and build a setup that turns them into IMCA Modifieds. Some lower horsepower, lower traction A-Mods. We want to take the NASCAR Legends 87′ Monte Carlo and the like, and turn them into something closer to the dirt Hobby Stock that the iRacing world has been screaming for for years now. We all know the dirt street stocks on iRacing now, aren’t cutting it.

The absolute biggest thing we are doing, our secret weapon, the thing that is driving the majority of our motivation that started this all with the modern racing league in todays world, is the way we present our information- specifically the points standings, schedules, and results. One of the first few articles we posted on here, we talked about it. We have since removed the article because we gave too many details about it. We used its name in that article. What good is a secret weapon if we tell the world exactly what it is and how to use it?

A lot of time has since went into trying to get it to work in the modern world we live in today. It worked great back in the early LoO days, but it was a pain to adapt it to the new stuff. But, we were successful. And it is working amazingly. The program allows us to keep viewers engaged on our website and our website only. Most other leagues, don’t even have a website. The league is ran through iRacing’s website for the points standings, schedules, and results. So in order to get this information, you have to go somewhere else to get it.

The leagues that do have their websites, use another website that keeps their data for them. This website is SIMracerhub and it works very similarly to iRacing’s website, but it at least allows you to put some of that information on the leagues website. The problem is, if you click ANYTHING, a driver name, an event, it takes you away from their league website, to SIMracerhub’s website. To us, that is absolutely mind-blowing and is a horrible business model. It also hurts the growth of the league.

The program we use is so old that it’s barely able to be integrated into todays tech world, but after some work to it, it works so good. It keeps viewers on our site. It ensures that LoO, our partners, and potential sponsors get the exposure desired. Outsourcing work to a third party company is not the method we are choosing and it will set us apart from all other leagues. Aside from the eNASCAR stuff, that is the only “league” that I have found that doesn’t outsource their scoring. And believe me, I have HOURS into searching leagues.

Right from our website and our website only, you can see everything. Are you in our league and want to see your personal stats? Go to the points standings and click on your name. That takes you to your driver page. Here you can see all of your results from previous races in that series. Finishing position, qualifying position, laps completed, laps led, points accumulated, how much money you earned, averages qualifying position, and average finishing position.

Want to see your stats from a specific track along with other drivers that have competed on that same track all time in that leagues series? Click on the track name. Here you will see the total amount of laps you have ever completed in that series ever in that league. Same with laps led ever, points accumulated ever, earnings made ever, best finish ever, best qualifying position ever, worst ever finish, average finish, and average qualifying position.

These are just a couple examples. It is all so interactive, exactly as you would want. And it all keeps you engaged on our site and never takes you to a third party website. No need to sift through Discords to find the information you are looking for in one of the 78 channels on that server where the information is just typed out in a post and you can’t see any other information than what is in that post.

We have Discord and we do use it and will use it. But our league will not be reliant on Discord to share and spread information. Our Discord will be used so we can all interact with one another easily in one area. Where ideas can be brought to the table. Where we can chat, communicate with one another and set up practice races to do some testing with league mates.

Upcoming races won’t be confusing. It will be blatant and in your face when you come to looracing.com. You will get the instant notification when following our Facebook page. Literally the second anything is posted on the site as an article or event, it simultaneously posts automatically to our Facebook page followed by the alert in the form of a notification sent to your personal Facebook.

We will have registration set up for everybody that wants to participate in said race or event. You fill out the form and you are eligible to race. No posting to Discord after again sifting through stuff to see if anyone took your car number. Car numbers for every race will be locked in at the beginning of each season. People that join in the middle of the season will have a choice of a number that isn’t already being used in that series. For special races or events, the one off non-points exhibition type events, the car numbers will be first come, first serve via the registration page.

Every driver that registers for said race will be guaranteed to get at least last place points in points paying races, via a Provisional. So when you have to go to your little nephews birthday party on the night of a league race and can’t participate in the race, you won’t take a potential championship season ending hit on the points. We will use QR Codes as an option you have available to access the individual event registration that we will plaster on social media and takes you directly to the event registration page for that event.

Should I keep going? Because we are just getting started.

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