The League of Outlaws is unlike most other iRacing leagues. Our number one objective is to produce a product (racing) that most closely resembles real life racing. From the time we join a league race session to the time we leave the league race session, drivers are to conduct themselves as they would in real life. On the track, and off the track in the pits.

IRL (In Real Life), you don’t cross the start finish line on the final lap of your heat race and go wide open,  head on,  into the wall to be funny in front of your friends, do you? No. So don’t do it in our league races. Our races are broadcasted in front of thousands of people so act professional.

We want our drivers to mentally race in our league races as they would in real life. If someone checks up in front of you IRL, you aren’t just going to push them. You will check up as well because there are consequences,  and you don’t want to have to replace your front bumper. Whether it’s the physical labor that deters you from it or the financial side that deters you, you will check up. There are consequences in the league that should deter you from these kinds of things which are mentioned in the rules below.


• a.  No driver shall compete without first completing the normal League Registration form.  Once you complete this once,  you will never have to do it again.

• b.  Once you complete this form,  join our Discord and post in the #Registration-Processing channel to let us know you filled out the registration form.  Please specify which form you completed as each individual race event has its own registration form as well.

• c.  When the Discord Owner sees your post in this Discord channel and verifies your registration submission,  you will be given the role “League Driver” in our Discord.

• d.  Each race will have its very own Race Registration Form.  They are usually available within 7 days of the race it’s assigned to.  No driver shall compete without completing the individual races Registration Form.

• e.  Once you complete this form,  post in the #Registration-Processing channel to let us know you filled out the registration form.

• f.  When the Discord Owner sees your post in this Discord channel and verifies your registration submission,  you will be given the role designated to that race in our Discord.

• i.  Once you have this role,  you will gain special access to any locked text or voice channels for the category designated for that race you registered for.  Here you can find information,  fixed setup used,  any weight & power settings used,  payment information if the race requires an entry fee,  race voice chat,  drivers meeting voice chat,  etc.  The most soonest upcoming races will all have their own category and channels in our Discord and will always be at the very top of the channel list for quick and easy access.

• j.  If you register for the race on our website but are not able to make the race for any reason,  you will be given a Provisional which guarantees you last place points.  This is done to accommodate work schedules,  family events,  family emergencies,  etc. that may pop up and drastically reduce your chances at competing for the championship.  We all have lives,  we get it.

• k.  If you want to be granted a provisional for a race that requires an entry fee,  you are required to register for the race AND submit your entry fee payment in order to be eligible to receive a provisional.  YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE POINTS WITHOUT SUBMITTING ENTRY FEE PAYMENT.

• l. Drivers must use the number they registered with in iRacing via the “Paint Car” tab in the iRacing UI. Any duplicate numbers used between registered drivers will be addressed in the Drivers Meeting prior to launching the race session.


• a.  Every drivers meeting will be 15 minutes prior to the scheduled race start time.  If the race is scheduled for 9PM ET,  the drivers meeting will be held at 8:45PM ET.

• b.  All drivers meetings will be held in our Discord under the Drivers Meeting voice channel.

• c.  All league race settings are set up via hosted sessions and will have a password for access.  The password will be announced and displayed in the drivers meeting video screen share at the very end of the drivers meeting.  If you don’t attend the drivers meeting,  you don’t get the password, you don’t gain access to the hosted session, you don’t race.

• d.  If you are running late and may miss the drivers meeting,  you must notify a league admin AHEAD OF TIME that you are running late.  If you notify us, we will give you the login credentials through a private message in Discord.

• e.  Towards the end of the drivers meeting,  we will count the number of drivers that are in the drivers meeting and the hosted session will be built based off of that number of drivers to ensure there are no issues with race format for the heat races,  transfer spots, consi’s,  etc.  If there are 30 drivers registered for the race but only 20 drivers in the drivers meeting,  there will be a max session driver entry of 20.


• a.  Again, no driver will be able to compete in any League of Outlaw race without first registering for said event via the event registration page or sign up page.  Every race/event will have its very own registration.  All registrations will be on this website.

• b.  No driver shall compete without a microphone or headset.

• c.  No driver shall compete without a racing wheel.  Controllers are not acceptable.

• d.  Driver must have basic racing knowledge and understand the basic rules in oval track racing.

• e.  All drivers are expected to RACE CLEAN.

• f.  Drivers are expected to have good sportsmanship.

• g.  Our races are professionally broadcasted.  We are to act professional at all times during races.  Each driver represents the League of Outlaws.  If we do not feel like you are representing us well,  we will remove you from the race or league for any reason we feel fit.


• a.  We have a zero toleration policy for wall riding.  You do it once and you will be DQ’ed and removed from the session.  Subtle wall riding will also lead to penalties so no grazing your right rear or right front along the wall to improve lap time.  There is a difference between running the cushion and running the wall.  If you are frequently accidentally hitting the wall when running the high line,  you will be kicked.

• b.  Any intentional or avoidable contact after the race will also be officiated and can lead to post-race penalties or DQ’s.  After the race is over, please go to the pits or exit the track safely.

• c.  Specific DQ’s can result in ZERO points awarded towards the championship points standings.
• d.  At the conclusion of the race,  the top three (3) drivers are expected to line up on the start/finish line for photos.  The top three (3) finishers are also expected to be interviewed by the race broadcaster.  This is done by joining the appropriate voice channel in Discord.  Information about this will be mentioned in each drivers meeting.


• a.  All starts and restarts will take place at a consistent speed.  Consistent speed will be at the discretion of League of Outlaws Officials.

• b.  The minimum speed must be at least pace car speed.  If the leader is pacing the field slower than the pace car speed,  League of Outlaws Officials may penalize the leader.  The maximum pacing speed shall not exceed 1/2 race speed.

• c.  The pole car sets the pace and the front row starts the race together at the designated area,  regardless of a displayed flag.  Any passing before the front row accelerates will not be permitted.

• d.  Starts and restarts will take place within a designated area (restart area) that will be identified in the driver’s meeting.  The designated area is between the location identified in the drivers meeting and the point in which iRacing displays the green flag.  The leader may fire off and start the race anywhere between these two points.  Once the leader fires off,  the race is started for the entire field.  If the leader does not fire off and start the race before iRacing displays the green flag,  then the green flag starts the race.  Once the race it is started,  the race is started for the entire field.  Passing and maneuvering throughout the field is allowed as soon as the race has started. 

• e.  Double-File Restarts:  Under yellow-flag conditions,  the field initially goes to a single-file grid.  Once the running order has been established and the field is set,  the race leader will choose either the inside or outside lane,  EXCEPT the initial start.  On the initial start of the race,  the leader must start on the inside front row with second place driver starting on the outside of the front row.  The field will then be signaled to realign double-file.  All cars positioned to line up behind the leader will go to the lane the leader has chosen and those positioned to line up behind the second  (2nd) place car will go to the second (2nd) place car’s lane.  The grid must remain double-file and nose-to-tail until the race is started in the designated start area.  The race leader sets the pace and is the control car.  The race leader restarts the race.  If the leader does not fire off and start the race before iRacing displays the green flag,  then the green flag starts the race.  Once the race is started, the race is started for the entire field.  Passing and maneuvering throughout the field is allowed as soon as the race has started. 

• f.  Single-File Restarts:  All drivers must stay nose-to-tail until the race is started in the designated start area.  The race leader sets the pace and is the control car.  The race leader restarts the race.  If the leader does not fire off and start the race before iRacing displays the green flag,  then the green flag starts the race. Once the race it is started,  the race is started for the entire field.  Passing and maneuvering throughout the field is allowed as soon as the race has started. 

• g.  Any car out of line and/or passing before the race is started,  will bring out a caution period and will be penalized two (2) positions on the ensuing restart.  If the same car commits a second offense,  it may be disqualified from that event.  All front row cars must choose their racing line coming out of turn three (3) and must maintain in that line until the start or restart occurs.  Failure to do so may result in a two (2) position penalty. 

• h.  A passing cone/location may be used at the discretion of League of Outlaws Officials and will be identified and mentioned in the drivers meeting.  The passing cone will be track dependent.  Examples of a passing cone are yuke/infield tractor tire,  light pole,  a sign/banner,  a mark on the inside or outside wall,  halfway point between turns 3 & 4,  or other landmark/location.  Again, the landmark used for the passing cone will be identified in the drivers meeting.  Drivers are expected to stay in line and cannot pass until that car passes the passing cone.

• i.  In the event that the race is not properly started by the two (2) front row cars,  the responsible car(s) may be moved to the second row.  Failure to acknowledge and comply with the “move back” signal may result in being parked for that race.

• j.  If a single car incident occurs before the completion of lap one (1),  the race will be restarted with the original lineup minus the car involved.  If a multi-car incident occurs before the completion of lap one (1),  the race will be restarted with the original lineup minus the cars that exited the racetrack.

• l.  Restarts will follow single-file procedures following a caution period and/or red flag period during the final ten (10) laps of any racing event over 20 laps and single file during the final five (5) laps of any racing event under 20-laps.


• a.  Feature wins are 40 points,  with each subsequent position worth one point less,  with 24th position in feature worth 17 points.  If more than 24 cars start feature,  all positions from 24th back receive 17 points.  If track runs a B-Main,  first non-transferring driver receives 16 points and each subsequent position,  back to sixth position,  receives one less point per position. Sixth position and back in B-Main receive 11 points.  This applies to all consi’s, even if more than one is run (B- Main, C-Main).

• b.  Provisionals are credited to a driver that registers for said event via our website,  but cannot participate in the race.  The amount of points received through a provisional will be based on whatever last place points is.  If there are multiple drivers requesting a provisional, each provisional for each position will be given out according to the order in which the drivers requesting the provisional registered for the race.  If the race requires an entry fee,  the entry fee must be paid in order to receive the provisional and be considered fully registered.

• c.  PROVISIONALS FOR SERIES RACES HOSTED BY OTHER, NON-LOO LEAGUES. LoO has an individual race registration for our LoO hosted series races. Some other leagues that run our series’ may not. Other leagues hosting our series’ may also not offer provisionals. Whole you may not receive a provisional for that leagues’ season or series, you will be eligible to receive a provisional towards the National Series (National Series Provisional) by filling out THIS FORM.

• d.  TIE-BREAKER: Should two or more drivers have the same point totals at season end,  number of 40-point feature wins will decide tie-breaker,  then 39-point finishes,  then 38-point finishes, etc.


• a.  The total number of incident points (x) accumulated for the ENTIRE event will be deducted from the drivers end of race championship points.

• b.  The first 2x incident points are free and forgivable.

• c.  If 2x or more is accumulated by a driver in a single race,  the Points Deduction Formula is as follows:

•  d.  X incident points – 2x = Y incident points,  End of race championship X points – Y incident points = Y championship points.

•   e.  Example,  if driver A has 12x incident points accumulated at the end of the session and 2x is forgiven,  we will reduce the end of race championship points by 10.

•   f.  Same example but a different way to explain it,  driver A wins a race and accumulates 40 points for 1st place.  But,  driver A ended up with 12x incident points.  Driver A will go home with 30 championship points.  12x – 2x = 10x, 40 championship points – 10x = 30 championship points.

•   g.  This Points Reduction Structure is to deter drivers from driving too aggressively, dirty,  or disrespectful.

•  h.  If a driver ends up with an odd number of incident points,  the drivers first 3x will be free/forgiven instead of 2x.

•   i.  Drivers must be mindful of our Points Deduction Structure during caution flags and post race.  If you cross the finish line on the last lap and drive head on into the wall,  iRacing will give you incident points for this which will be counted towards your championship points deduction.

•  j.  Incident points occurred at ANY time during the duration of the entire session will count towards your points deduction,  not just the feature.  This means Practice,  Qualifying,  Heat Races,  and Consi’s will also count towards your championship points deduction.  This includes in the pits and entering/exiting the track during EVERY part of the entire session.

•  k.  If iRacing gives you incident points due to Net Code, you can appeal the incident points given from net code.  Net code is the only exception and the only incident points that are appeal-able.  ANY OTHER INCIDENT POINTS ARE NOT REVERSABLE.  If you blatantly get wrecked or taken out and were given incident points,  you will be stuck with those incident points just like iRacing Official races.  The only thing we look at is when Net Code was involved.

•  l.  It is the drivers responsibility to appeal incident points given from net code,  not Race Control or Race Admins responsibility.  You must submit your appeal in the #Incident-Points-Appeal  Discord channel under the series category of whichever racing series the race was in.  (i.e. LoO IMCA Style Modifieds Series,  LoO Craftsman Trucks Series)

•  m.  Appeals must be submitted within 24 hours of the race.

•  n.  Appeal Format:
Race Event Name-
Date of Race-
Lap Number Incident Occurred-
Brief Description of Incident-


•  a.  If you are experiencing connection issues beyond “x” for ping, you may be asked to address your connection status. If it cannot be addressed or fixed by the heat race segment of the event,  you may be removed from the server.   This is a judgment call that should be made by Race Control.


•  a.  Damage will be on and there will not be any quick repairs.

•  b.  There are no quick repairs, but you are allowed to pit if you need to repair any damage.  We will give you a little extra time and extend the yellow flag to give you more time.  But,   you need to request it.  We will extend the yellow flag at least twice when iRacing tells us it is 1 to green.  Race Control may allow more time at their discretion but is not obligated to.


•  a.  Black flags issued by iRacing will be cleared every restart.

•  b.  If you are issued a black flag by iRacing during any other occasion and feel like it needs to be cleared,  it is the driver’s responsibility to make it known to Race Control via the in-race voice chat as soon as possible.

•  c.  In situations where applicable, black flags issued from pit road speeding or pit entry/exit violations,  Race Control can clear those black flags as well but you have to again make it known via the voice chat.

•   d.   If you receive a black flag for jumping the start and you feel that you fired off AFTER the leader,  let Race Control know and ask for your black flag to be cleared.  If Race Control clears your black flag but then the replay after the race reveals that you fired off BEFORE the leader,  you will be scored 5 spots lower in the final race results.


•  a.  Format is as follows:
Drivers Meeting
Hosted Session Created
Heat Races
Occasional Dash or Dash for Cash Race (held at the beginning of Warm Up session)
Warmups (occasionally)


•  a.  All transfer spots will be based off of car count and number of heat races for both transfer spots from the heat race to the feature as well as transfer spots from consi to mains.

•  b.  Maximum feature race start count will be determined by Race Control and is dependent on the track.  Smaller tracks may only start 18-20 and larger tracks may start 20-24.  The absolute maximum for ANY track will be 24 starting the feature.

•  c.  If and when the driver entries exceeds the max car count we are starting in the feature race,  consi’s,  B-Mains,  C-Mains,  and D-Mains may be necessary.


•  a.  We may have redraws when applicable.  Redraw spots will be dependent on car count and will be announced in the drivers meeting and/or in the session voice chat.


•  a.  Drivers that placed in a redraw spots in their heat race will compete in a 4 lap Dash race to determine their starting spot for the feature race.  1st place starts 1st in the feature,  2nd starts 2nd,  and so on.

•  b.  The Dash Race will be held at the beginning of the Warmup session.  All redraw drivers will immediately be sent out from the pits to the track and line up in a designated spot as guided by Race Control.  Race Control will announce when 1 to green is and will count down each lap until the “checkered flag”.  After the finish,  Race Control will then,  and only then,  announce that all drivers can now enter the track to get some practice laps during the remainder of the Warmup session.

•  c.  NO OTHER DRIVERS ASIDE FROM THE DRIVERS COMPETING IN THE DASH RACE ARE TO ENTER THE TRACK UNTIL RACE CONTROL ANNOUNCES IT’S CLEAR.  Any driver that begins to enter the track prior will be removed from the session and banned from all future league races.

•  d.  Each redraw format will consist of all the redraw position drivers to ignore iRacing’s starting position and the drivers will quickly get into position manually themselves.  If a driver grids up in position 6 but redrew 1st place,  that driver will drive around the cars ahead of him/her in the grid and start the race in 1st place.  This goes for all drivers in all positions in redraw spots.  All black flags given from iRacing will be cleared at the drop of the green flag.