Sanctioned LoO IMCA Style Leagues


Is your league interested in running our LoO IMCA Style Modifieds and/or Stock Cars? We will explain how it all works and what is involved to make your league, a LoO IMCA Style Sanctioned league. We are growing this idea quickly and have already established partnerships with 3 other leagues, plus our own giving us a total of 4 sanctioned leagues. The leagues are the League of Outlaws (LoO), Short Track Racing Rivals (STRR), the QuickTime Series (QTP), and the Southern Racing Association (SRA).

Our Cars and Setups

One of the most common questions we get is what makes our cars IMCA’s. IRL (In Real Life), the IMCA Modifieds and UMP Modifieds are very similar and share a lot of the same parts, rules, suspension design, etc. The chassis on each both use a Chevelle front stub and are tube chassis from the stub back. The IMCA Modifieds and UMP Modifieds use a 4 link rear suspension design, although there are variants for rear suspension within. For example, the IMCA Modified uses a 4 link rear suspension but can use a Z Link style as well. There are also IMCA Sport Modifieds which by rule must use a 3 link suspension.

All in all, the IMCA Modified and UMP Modified are very similar. The biggest things that make them different from one another is the tire and engines. UMP use a soft compound Hoosier M30 tire and have a lot of horsepower with their engine rules. The IMCA Modified uses a very hard compound Hoosier G60 tire and while there is an open motor rule, most drivers use a GM 604 or 602 Crate Motor. The higher horsepower open engines are almost a disadvantage as the hard tire promotes a lot of wheel spin with an engine with any decent amount of horsepower.

What we do with our setups for iRacing’s UMP Modified is bump up the tire pressures to make them feel like a harder compound setup as well as tuning out (taking out) traction throughout the rest of the setup. We essentially intentionally made setups to have less traction and to run slower lap times. Doing this usually makes the car drive worse, but we were able to make a great handling, easy to drive car among every track. We are constantly having new guys run our cars and say things like “this is the best UMP setup I have ever run” or “These setups are so easy to drive”. A few laps on our setup and we can guarantee you will be sold and begin falling in love with the cars.

Our Motto

The motto in the League of Outlaws is to have a product (racing) that looks and feels as close to real life as possible. We want our drivers to drive like they would in real life and not like their racing on a racing simulator. We want guys to check up when necessary instead of driving into the rear bumper of the guy in front of them. In iRacing, we don’t have to worry about replacing our front bumper. But we have come up with an incident points system which we will discuss further down this article.

Our races are broadcasted and we want the final product to look as real as possible from the time the drivers hit the track for practice till the time they exit the track after taking the checkered flag in the feature race. We want drivers to properly exit the track after the feature instead of just hitting the brakes or plowing into another driver or the wall.

With all that said, we want any league that runs our LoO IMCA Style cars to keep all of this in mind as the League of Outlaws has a reputation to keep in tact. Your drivers in your leagues play a direct role in this. If your drivers are not great or making bad decisions or there are a lot of cautions, a casual view of your live broadcasts in your races might see a product that would turn them off of continuing to watch your broadcast and then a few days later, our broadcast comes across their feed. We don’t want that viewer to say “Oh these IMCA guys again? Yep, not watching that shitshow”. We don’t want any LoO IMCA sanctioned race to leave a bad taste in a viewers mouth. So, we are looking for leagues that have a roster of drivers that will allow all of us to maintain a specific reputation. A roster of drivers that not only possess the physical talent and can be fast, but also possess’ the mental part of being a great driver. Professionalism is an absolute must in every aspect. On track product, website stuff, broadcasting, the way the Discord is ran, a great staff of league admins, etc.

National Series

The League of Outlaws, originally ran a program called Race Points Manager (RPM) to do all of our points, results, and schedules. We have now switched to Sim Racer Hub ( I spoke with the owner of Sim Racer Hub and we came up with a way to put every sanctioned series race among ALL the leagues series’, into one database to make a National Series. At the time of this article (2-13-24), there are a combined total of 39 LoO IMCA Style Modified races on the LoO IMCA Style Modified National schedule. This includes the 6 races from the LoO 2024 Season A, 6 from the LoO 2024 Season B, 8 from STRR’s 2024 Season A, 9 from QTP’s 2024 Season A, and 10 from SRA’s 2024 Season A.

Every race on every individual leagues schedule will count towards the National Series points standings. There are also individual points standings within each league for their own schedule as well. Which means there will be a National Series Champion and points standings, a League of Outlaws Series Champion and points standings, a STRR Series Champion and points standings, a QTP Series Champion and points standings, a SRA Series Champion and points standings, etc. Every year, the definition of a season is from November 1st at 12:00AM through October 1st at 11:59PM. This gives a month of no sanctioned races, an “off-season”.

2024 LoO IMCA Style Modifieds National Points Standings

2024 LoO IMCA Style Modifieds National Schedule

2024 LoO IMCA Style Stock Cars National Points Standings

2024 LoO IMCA Style Stock Cars National Schedule

Requirements for Points Standings and Schedules

All sanctioned leagues are required to use Sim Racer Hub. League of Outlaws league owner AJ Hunsinger will assign your league admin that is in charge of your points, schedules, etc. as a Series Admin via our Sim Racer Hub account. From here, your league admin can update everything as needed. If your league would rather let us do it for you, that is fine. We can do it for you. It is very easy and doesn’t take long at all. Sim Racer Hub is a learning curve and takes a lot of set up, but once it is set up, adding results or races to the schedule is very quick and easy. The League of Outlaws will also display all sanctioned leagues schedules and points standings on our website.

Points Structure

All sanctioned leagues MUST use our points structure as our points structure is based off of IRL IMCA points.

 Feature wins are 40 points,  with each subsequent position worth one point less,  with 24th position in feature worth 17 points.  If more than 24 cars start feature,  all positions from 24th back receive 17 points.  If track runs a B-Main,  first non-transferring driver receives 16 points and each subsequent position,  back to sixth position,  receives one less point per position. Sixth position and back in B-Main receive 11 points.  This applies to all consi’s, even if more than one is run (B- Main, C-Main).

Any provisionals awarded are to be 11 points. In the event of a double points night, the driver receiving a provisional will get 22 points.

TIE-BREAKER: Should two or more drivers have the same point totals at season end,  number of 40-point feature wins will decide tie-breaker,  then 39-point finishes,  then 38-point finishes, etc.

Incident Points System

The League of Outlaws, uses a incident points reduction system in order to police the driving among competitors. Your league does not have to run this incident points system, but we encourage it as we have seen the driving change first hand because of it. How it works is drivers are penalized race points for however many incident points they acquire. LoO does this for the entire session, practice to A-main. But, you can do it for only the A-main or whatever you want. You can also change the formula as well. Instead of one incidents per point penalty, you can do 1/2 point or 5 points or whatever you want. We run a straight up 1 for 1.

Final Thoughts

We are looking to make a difference in the iRacing world. We are doing things that are unheard of and new in iRacing. We have a lot of hard working, dedicated, and passionate individuals working to help pull all of this off. We want to get as many leagues on board with this as possible and we look forward to working with you in the future.