6-16-24 Week 5 @ Lernerville, LoO IMCA Style Modifieds

Registration Process

Registration Directions

Join our Discord by clicking the Discord logo at the top of any page on our website.

Find the channel “Registration Processing ”. Post in there to let us know you submitted your League Registration form. ***Also, specify which form you just submitted.***

Once we verify your submission, we will apply the Discord role associated with the registration you just filled out.

The regular League Registration is submitted once and will never have to be completed again. Every single individual race will have its own registration. Submitting your event registration not only allows you to participate in the event, but it also gives you a Provisional if you are unable to join the race. If it’s a points paying race, you will be given last place points instead of 0 points.

If a race requires an entry fee, you will not be considered FULLY registered until each the registration form was submitted AND you have paid your entry fee.

cashapp: $fourgsixthree33a

PayPal: @spooligan fourgsixthree33a@yahoo.com

Venmo: @spooligan

The League of Outlaws, runs our races through the iRacing Leagues in the iRacing UI. To find our league, search ” #11032 ” in the leagues section of the UI. Once we verify you have submitted the registration for the race AND verify that you have paid your entry fee, we will accept your application into the League.

After every race, we will remove all drivers from the League in the League UI. Then, we will re-add drivers/accept applications again as the drivers register throughout the week for the next race. This is to ensure only the drivers that have submitted their registration AND have paid their entry fee can join each race.


In your race registration form, you will be instructed to choose a preferred car number. You are to only choose one number. If multiple numbers are requested, we will use the first number in your list. LoO will assign your car number to you in the League UI once you are fully registered on accepted into the League.

If there are duplicate numbers between drivers, we will set the iRacing number ourselves.

Example, multiple #24’s would be #24, 024, 124, 224, 324, 424.

Whatever number you list on your registration form, has to be the one shown on your car when using a custom car number paint. You are allowed to not have a number on the car at all, but if you have a number on the car, it needs to be the number you listed on your registration form.

If your number on your car is different than the number you registered with, you may be removed from the race server.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to send a message to us on the League of Outlaws Facebook page or message AJ Hunsinger on Discord.

Race Information

**Registration Fee- $7***

Date- 6-16-24

Time- 9PM ET

Drivers Meeting- Will be held during practice

Series- LoO IMCA Style Modifieds

iRacing Vehicle- UMP Modifieds

Track- Lernerville

Laps- 50

Cars Starting the Feature: 18-24

Points- Yes

Broadcast by Buckeye Racing Network https://www.youtube.com/@BuckeyeRacingNetworkFormat: Practice